Medical Treatment

When your pet is unwell, they need to receive treatment that helps them to recover as quickly as possible.

We know that it is important to you that you understand their condition and the treatment options available. We will explain your pet’s illness, what options are available and the associated costs.

Treatment may involve an injection, ointment, tablets or liquid. If your pet needs to be given any medication at home, we’ll make sure we choose the most effective and easiest type for you to administer at home. We’ll show you how to give the medication to your pet and provide helpful suggestions.

Your pet may need to be admitted to our surgery for treatment in hospital. You are most welcome to visit your pet whilst they are in hospital and most owners bring along their pet’s favourite toy or anything special to help them feel more at home during their stay with us.

Critical care patients requiring intensive care out of hours may need to be transferred to one of several nearby 24 hour facilities