About Us



Ellie graduated from Murdoch University in Perth, Australia. She moved back to the UK in 1995, joined Norwood Road in 1996, and bought the practice in 2000. Her primary veterinary interests are small animal medicine, geriatrics and behaviour. Away from the surgery, Ellie is an avid chef, enjoys latin and ballroom dancing, sewing and generally being creative.



Kat graduated from the Royal Vet College in London in 2009 and worked in mixed practice in Bedfordshire and Kent before joining the surgery in 2013. Her primary veterinary interests are diagnostic imaging (ultrasound), and soft tissue surgery. Kat has a very naughty Jack Russell cross called Dylan who occasionally visits the practice!



Lauren joined Norwood Road in 2013 after moving to London from Australia. Whilst in Australia, Lauren graduated in Veterinary nursing in Brisbane, thereafter completing 5 years of nursing at two different practices. Lauren’s family have kept horses at home since she was 15 and she taught horse riding at a local Riding School. Her dog, Eevee, and two horses are currently being cared for by her parents in Australia. Lauren enjoys travelling and is using her time in England to explore the UK and Europe.



Keeley joined the practice in 2006 and is the longest serving member of our nursing staff. She is passionate about dogs and owns a Dogue de Bordeaux and an English Bull Terrier. Keeley has always had an interest in canine behaviour and was recently awarded a merit for her Diploma in Canine Behaviour and Psychology.



Freyja is originally from Canada and has been working part time at Norwood Road as an auxillary veterinary nurse. She also teaches acting and performing arts to children. She has two dogs, Mack and Mabel, who are cocker cross springer spaniels.



Sophie originally trained as a theatre and oncology nurse, her career being interrupted by the arrival of various “additions” to her family. Sophie joined us in 2011 as an auxiliary veterinary nurse. She owns two miniature wired haired dacshunds and a miniature schnauzer. In her spare time, Sophie enjoys the opera, theatre and wine tasting pursuits.