Dental Month!

November 2017 is Dental Month!

We are offering 10% off all dental procedures during the month of November.

Did you know?

Many pets, especially older animals, suffer from serious dental disease which can go unnoticed. We sometimes can recognise the bad breath but otherwise we rarely look right into our animal’s mouths.

Severe dental disease can exacerbate or cause many other illnesses – including infections, kidney disease and heart disease


How to take advantage of our dental month?

Your pet may need to see a vet or a nurse before they come in for a dental to ensure they have no health concerns that would affect dental treatment. Please ring us on 02086713421 to book in. Once your pet has seen a vet or a nurse we can book them in for a day to come in for a dental. As long as the dental is during November you'll get 10% off