Developments in veterinary treatments currently available now rival procedures and diagnoses in human medicine.

The treatment of an unexpected illness, or injury, may be costly, particularly if your pet does need to be referred for specialist treatment or requires attention outside of normal surgery hours. Routine preventative treatment like vaccinations, neutering and most dental work are not covered. (Our own Pet Health Plans spread the cost of preventative care).

Pet insurance enables you to choose from a wider range of treatment options with fewer concerns about how much it could cost.

There are two main types of insurance policy on the market

Those that will cover your pet for up to a certain amount (eg: £4,000 ) for any number of different individual conditions for up to 12 months after the first diagnosis.

  1. Those that cover your pet for life. We especially recommend this for larger dogs who often suffer from arthritis when they are older. These policies are generally more expensive.
  2. Most companies have an upper age limit of 8 years for taking out a new policy.

We do not sell insurance nor do we specifically recommend any particular policies.

Ultimately it will depend on your financial situation and attitude to risk as to whether you choose to insure. We are always happy to discuss your pet’s situation and breed specific conditions which might influence your decision.